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GVAA is an online voiceover school that provides a strong and caring support system for each and every student. Not only do we offer all the voiceover services you’ll need to achieve your goals, we create a personalized action plan to help you every step of the way!

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GVAA’s resources are invaluable. If you’re really serious about voice acting, then you need to learn from a GVAA coach. Invest in yourself, and the returns will be well worth it. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Troy Rodger

I can always rely on my GVAA coaches for their endless encouragement as well as advice that is insightful and honest. Their expertise is invaluable to me, and I could not have moved forward in my career without them. I am now being represented by an LA based talent agency because of the devotion that GVAA has to helping their students succeed!

Sydney Flak

I can’t thank the GVAA enough for the outstanding work they did on my Commercial Demo. Within days of receiving the final version, I was signed by the top Talent Agency here in Denver! I have had the BEST experience with all of the GVAA team. If you are looking to up your game, I highly recommend that you check them out!

Kelly Stevens

GVAA is a supportive family that every voice actor truly needs. They provide a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment, and have helped me get the best VO education I possibly can!

Bhavnisha Parmar

The GVAA community has been such an incredible help in furthering my professional career. Being able to get guidance from real pros, along with having an understanding peer to chat with, has absolutely made my life 1,000 times easier!

Tim Paige

3 words to define GVAA: Professionalism, Availability, and Kindness!

Vanessa Latchoumane

GVAA is such an amazing community because everyone involved really cares about your success. From the bottom of my heart, to everyone at GVAA, thank you so much! Without you guys, I would not have the confidence or skills I have today.

Chris Datolli

Creating an Effective Voice (Part 1)

In our society, we put great faith in those who can communicate with feeling and intelligence. We ask our politicians to represent us, to be our voice and to embody the spirit of our country to the rest of the world. We want executives, managers and sales people,...

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The Importance of Having Multiple Character Voices

Anyone involved in producing animation and video games will tell you that having a number of character voices at your command makes you a lot more interesting and marketable to them. They can use you in one or two solid recording sessions and get three or four...

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The Conveyer Belt Theory

I've always been a pretty visual guy. In other words, I often process things through images rather than through deductive reasoning. I actually think this has helped my career in voice over. Take for instance my conveyor belt theory. I've always thought that a piece...

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