Personalized Coaching

Our personalized voice over coaching is one of the best ways to help you launch or accelerate your voice over career. All one-on-one voice over coaching sessions are offered as individual sessions, or in discounted packages of 3, 6, or 10.

Character Coaching

As a character voice over actor, you may have the opportunity to narrate an animation, video game, game app, or toy. Character voice over can be the most strenuous and demanding of all the areas of voice over, but it can also be the most creative and fun. We’ll help you discover the full range of your character talent and teach you how to keep your listeners entertained.

Narration Coaching

Voice over narration is a broad category that includes documentaries, voicemail, ADR (automatic dialogue replacement), corporate industrial videos, e-learning, point-of-purchase marketing, and more. GVAA’s narration coaches will provide you with all the information you’ll need to be successful within this VO genre.

Promo Coaching

A voice actor is an integral part of the branding and marketing of a product, whether it be an upcoming movie, book, or play. Discover what it takes to land more promotional VO jobs by working with one of GVAA’s promo coaches.

Audiobook Coaching

Audiobook narrators create masterful performances with emotional depth as they bring the written word to life. Audiobook voice actors need to speak equally well in male and female voices and be adept at a multitude of sound effects. GVAA’s audiobook coaches will help you master the skills necessary to deliver a memorable and engaging read.


When given the chance to perform in a new accent, you want that extra layer of speech coaching to enhance your regular prep process. Whatever the VO genre of the dialect role, GVAA’s industry-leading dialect coaches will guide you toward a command of the accent that allows for effortless consistency and creativity in the moment so your emotionally compelling performance can shine.

Radio Imaging

Radio Imaging has global appeal and serves terrestrial, satellite, HD and internet radio stations around the world. Imaging voice actors are the “voice of a station” and help to identify and promote the station to the listening audience. This genre is fun, fast paced and does not require any previous radio or broadcasting experience. We’ll teach you how to impress the producers and find the radio formats that are best for your voice.

Career Strategy Coaching

Having a solid business plan in place is just as important as developing your skills as a voice actor. Our career strategy coaching sessions will help you with every facet of marketing and branding your voice. GVAA also offers half-hour coaching sessions which can be used for rate-guide support, help with contract negotiation, or any other quick voiceover-related questions you have.

Spanish Coaching

There’s an incredibly high demand for Spanish-speaking voice actors in just about every field of voiceover: commercials, narration, audiobooks, animation, etc. If Spanish is your first language or you’re a bilingual voice actor, our coaches will help you navigate this side of the industry in order to grow your VO career.

Audition Review

Self direction is one of the hardest aspects of auditioning from your home studio. Having a professional Booth Director guide you to the right read and make the best performance choices can be the difference between booking and not. Sometimes you just need that extra push to get you where you need to be. Get top level direction to improve your auditions and increase your bookings!