The Ultimate Rate Guide Webinar



Welcome to the Ultimate Rate Guide Webinar! This information packed webinar explains every detail of the GVAA Rate Guide and how to use it to quote rates for your clients. A leading panel of veteran voice over talent will guide you through each voice over genre category, providing insight and quoting strategies to help you succeed in your voice over business. Topics covered include:

  1. The difference between union and non-union rate structures, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each
  2. The breakdown of each voice over genre’s rate structures and how they work
  3. Rate research strategies, helping to inform you on how to gather unknown rate data
  4. Experienced industry experts discussing each of their areas of specialty
  5. Recommended industry rate practices
  6. Question and answer session from those attending the live webinar

Our guest experts include:

Anne Ganguzza – general narration, e-learning, industrial narration, medical narration, and explainer videos
David Rosenthal – commercial voice over for radio, TV broadcast, and internet usage.
Cristina Milizia – toys, games and mobile game apps, animation, YouTube and podcast rates
Brad Venable – video games
Steven Jay Cohen – audiobooks, both from a narration and publishing perspective

Join us for this invaluable learning experience giving you everything you need to know to quote your voice over projects. You’ll never wonder again if you’ve left money on the table.